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We strive to help you realize your creative dreams.
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We offer a variety of landscaping services in San Diego County, and can customize most of them to fit your individual landscaping needs – whether it’s ongoing maintenance, a complete refresh, or just a minor update.


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We understand that installing brand new landscaping can be overwhelming, and with so many options between brands, designs, and various aesthetics, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This is why we’ve streamlined our landscape planning process. We want you to get the most out of your new landscape design, and we’re here to help.

Our planning process is built entirely around the customer. As the most important part of this process, you’ll collaborate with our landscape architects every step of the way to meticulously plan every detail – all without breaking your budget.

The planning process:

  • Initial consultation between you and a lead landscape architect

  • Delivery of detailed plan and budget document

  • Follow up meeting with you to answer questions and get your stamp of approval


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We don’t build until you approve our design to the very last detail – no matter how many blueprints it takes! Thanks to our three-step process, we’re confident you’ll love our designs; and if you don’t, we’ll work at them until you do.

The design process:

  • Creation of an initial design that captures the essence of your project

  • Formal review of initial design by our principal architectural committee

  • Final design delivered to you for approval


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This is definitely the most exciting part of the process! The installation and build phase is when you get to witness all of your dreams realized. To ensure quality and integrity, all of our installers are licensed, bonded, and certified.

Each one must pass our rigorous internal certification, and we can guarantee that each project design is implemented with the utmost care and quality control.

The installation process:

  • Pre-install walkthrough with your principal installer and lead landscape architect

  • Installation of your landscape down to the last detail

  • Post-install walkthrough with your principal installer to ensure we’ve nailed it

  • If we missed anything, we’ll make the necessary changes or updates

Here’s a list of what we can install:


  • Decks

  • Patios

  • Paving stones

  • Walkways and pathways

  • Fences and walls

  • Pergolas, arbors, and gazebos

  • Outdoor living spaces (fireplaces, islands, kitchens)

Outdoor Lighting Packages

  • For every 10th light that you purchase, get one free.

  • With complete outdoor lighting installation, get a free timer.


  • Plants, trees, grass, and flowers

  • Irrigation systems

  • Planters

  • Artificial turf

  • Real turf

  • Flower beds

  • Water features (waterfalls and ponds)

  • Outdoor lighting


  • Wall gardens

  • Garden beds

Garden Packages

  • Garden bed (raised or non-raised) installation plus irrigation

  • Garden bed installation plus irrigation and seed planting (you manage the growing produce)

  • Installation of garden bed plus irrigation, seed planting, and ongoing maintenance

    • We’ll manage everything, from planting and growing to harvesting the goods.

    • We’ll deliver the fresh fruits and veggies to your door.


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We’ll take care of your landscape maintenance needs, whether you want a one-time cleanup or ongoing monthly maintenance. We take pride in our work, and can ensure that your outdoor landscaping looks the best that it possibly can by the time we leave.

Maintenance Service Options

  • Monthly Service (once, twice, or four times per month):
    – Removal of dirt and dust from hardscaping
    – Mowing and edging if necessary
    – Plant and shrub pruning

  • One-time cleanup service, ideal for:
    – Selling your home
    – A thorough ‘spring cleaning’
    – An overgrown yard that has gotten out of hand
    – Wanting your landscape to look tidy, neat, and kept-up

  • Tree pruning or tree trimming services